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Creative Agency specialising in Design, Print, Web & TV

Cable & Wireless 7 Digit TV Commercial

When Cable & Wireless Seychelles came to us they wanted a commercial to publicise the fact that they were undergoing a change in the way that telephone numbers were constructed. They were planning to graduate from a 6-digit telephone number to a 7-digit one. The reason for this change being implemented was to increase the customer base and the direct result was a greater range of numbers.

CWS are a high-performing telecommunications company catering for the Seychelles. The company was founded in 1893 and has grown into a highly profitable organisation. They provide fixed, mobile and broadband services for the public as well as supplying a large number of businesses in the Seychelles.

CWS were after something eye-catching that promoted this change. They were keen on a digital style typography 2D animation that could be synchronised with a particular voice over. Content wise, the commercial focused on the change in mobile and fixed telephone numbers and consequently CWS needed something that made this clear.

The minimalist style used throughout the commercial served to accentuate CWS’s brand colours and their corporate fonts and via a plain blue background we were able to implement various transitions and animations without the screen becoming too cluttered. The main design of the advert sees groups of animated words, letters and numbers moving at speed around the screen. This was clearly to indicate some sort of change, and also hinted at CWS’s speedy service. We didn’t just deal with the animation; we also produced the sound and foley – this was all designed and administered in house.

Simply put, Maven have taken TV advertising production in Seychelles to a new, unprecedented level. From the storyboard to full-fledged production, these guys give you an A to Z product, with a clear understanding of what the client wants and what their business needs. From typography to 3D animation, Maven have the capabilities and competencies to deliver cutting edge commercials that stand out from the rest!
-- David Deltel, Manager Marketing Communications, Cable & Wireless

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