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Indian Ocean Games 2011 TV Commercial

Cable & Wireless Seychelles asked us to create a television commercial to promote and publicise the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG). CWS was the official telecom partner for the games that took place in the Seychelles in 2011.

CWS are the premier telecommunications company in the Seychelles. Founded in 1893, CWS provides services for a large number of businesses in the Seychelles in addition to fixed, mobile and broadband services for the general public.

The premise of the commercial was clearly to advertise the games and CWS’s role within them. We were tasked with creating a 3D model and a simple-looking animation that included the black parrot that acts as the mascot for the IOIG. This was a project that held considerable appeal for us and, grateful to be considered for such a prestigious task, we wanted to give CWS an end product that surpassed their initial expectations. Consequently, we worked hard to produce a full CGI animation – probably the first of its kind used in any kind of media presentation in the Seychelles.

We set about to create a 3D version of the IOIG mascot. In order to replicate the mascot in 3D we needed to completely redraw the parrot. We crafted a conceptualisation of the front, side and top of the mascot. It was of course imperative that the CGI parrot was an exact replica of the 2D version used in the IOIG games advertising and merchandise. The finished article was fully modelled and animated and the final touches included some 2D motion graphics and background.

The idea behind the commercial was to encapsulate the sportiness that is of course inextricably linked to an event of this kind. We wanted the sporty concept to be inherent in every aspect of the commercial: in its look, animation and dynamics. It was also clearly of great importance to use the branding effectively whilst not losing sight of the main theme of the advert. This was done with great effect via the use of the CWS logo as the primary prop – the ball used in various different shots.

We were also responsible for the sound design which we undertook in house. It was felt that the ‘carnival’ style music was the best way to conjure up a spirit appropriate to the IOIG and the finished track was implemented as part of the final commercial. We had a tight deadline to meet with this job and worked some miracles to beat it, but we were pretty delighted with the finished product.

Simply put, Maven have taken TV advertising production in Seychelles to a new, unprecedented level. From the storyboard to full-fledged production, these guys give you an A to Z product, with a clear understanding of what the client wants and what their business needs. From typography to 3D animation, Maven have the capabilities and competencies to deliver cutting edge commercials that stand out from the rest!
-- David Deltel, Manager Marketing Communications, Cable & Wireless

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