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Drift brand and advert designs

At Maven, we believe in the power of branding and we love working with a wide range of clients to achieve something special. In light of that, when Drift came along and asked us to conceptualise a brand for them, we were more than happy to help them out. The reason they use the name ‘Drift’ is that their products (swimwear and bespoke beach products) are inspired by driftwood – weathered, beaten up driftwood. At Maven, we know how important a brand is to the success of a company – without a clear identity a company doesn’t know where it’s come from, but more importantly, doesn’t know where it’s going either.

Drift needed a true brand identity created for their retail presence and so we assisted them by coming up with their brand strategy as well as designing a complete logo that summed up what Drift was all about. When we create a brand, we do it with a very clear vision in our minds of what message the client wants to send. In the case of Drift; the logo clearly references driftwood; well travelled, weathered and experienced. Rustic, but classy.

A brand must be all encompassing and that’s why Maven went to great lengths to make sure that every aspect of the Drift presence was just so. We worked closely with the Drift interior designers to create a retail presence that reflected their brand and ideology as well as branding anything and everything – even down to their stationery. We even conceptualised a laser engraved logo we had designed and assisted with the placement of it on an authentic piece of driftwood for use as signage.

We rounded it all off by producing bespoke print adverts for the various brands that Drift stock.

We’re delighted to have worked with Drift, and we think they quite liked working with us too. Here’s what the MD had to say about our services:

Working with a team of guys like the assembly of talent at Maven has made our lives easier, as the creativity of this group blends with our own ideas and ends up on paper, in the form of a brilliant, modern logo, a company presentation, or even an entire design concept! Amazing, creative souls, all under one roof…
-- Michael Lavigne, Managing Director, Drift (The Hibiscus Group)

Drift have now opened two stores with a third opening imminent. We’re delighted to have been able to assist them in creating a brand identity and we hope our personal touch has helped them with their success.

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